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Muppets and Their Mad Men Counterparts

Inspired by the news that Sesame Street will parody Mad Men in its upcoming 40th anniversary season, we've decided to step in and do a little casting this morning. Here's five, but even more on Flavorwire.

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  • 1. Fozzy Bear: Freddy Rumsen

    Remember that episode last season where Rumsen played Mozart on his zipper? Wocka wocka wocka.

  • 2. Prairie Dawn: Peggy Olson

    Smart, detail-oriented, and a gifted writer with big career aspirations. A fan of bows.

  • 3. Grover: Pete Campbell

    Frequently annoys his superiors. Believes that he’s cute and multi-talented.

  • 4. Miss Piggy: Joan Holloway

    Mean, manipulative, bossy, and fabulous. Likes diamonds and being the center of attention. Hides insecurity with false bravado.

  • 5. Oscar the Grouch: Don Draper

    Perpetually grumpy. Tends to snarl when people invade his personal space and hates being woken from naps. Has a rocky relationship with his significant other.


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