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What To Visit In Barcelona To Live The Experience Like A Local

Here there are 7 places to visit that tourist guides won't take you too but are considered a MUST for locals.

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MUHBA Temple of Augustus

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Discover Barcino through MUHBA! The Temple of Augustus in Barcelona was a Roman temple built during the Imperial period as a place of worship for Emperor Augustus. It was the central building on Tàber Hill in the city's iconic Gothic Quarter.

Some curiosities about the temple is that at the entrance, there is a windmill stone that used to indicate the highest point of Tàber Hill. Also ask for an explanation on the four columns!

It was named a Cultural Asset of National Interest in 1931.

The Temple of Augustus is one of the Barcelona City History Museum (MUHBA) heritage sites.


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If you have the time to evade from the buzzing city, take the chance to visit Montserrat, right in the outskirts. This is called 'El mirador de los cubos' and it provides you with astonishing views and great Instagram pictures!

Jardines Laribal


The Laribal Garden is one of the most breath-taking places in Montjuic, Barcelona and it is still a treasure to be discovered. They have a big historical background which is reflected in many features.

They were created by Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier and Nicolau M. Rubió Tudurí.

The reason for it being so magical is because it is one of the last purely green places in the city and because you can still find characteristics from the arabs. And it is FREE!

Búnkers del Carmel

Are you looking for a romantic place to go for a date? This is a great sport to visit when the sun goes down. The Búnkers are located in the top part of the city giving you the best views, the entire Barcelona and the Mediterranean sea, what else can you ask for? And if you go and a super sunny and clear day, you may have the opportunity to see Mallorca (Balearic Island)!!!!!



This is where the artistic revolution takes place. This is more than just the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona. Here is where all the artists come together. Either if they are good at drawing, painting, sculpting or incredible dancers and skaters from all around the world! The second you step in, you can even smell the talent. As a local, I strongly recommend you to visit it during the afternoon when all the dancers practice outside and take your skate with you! Afterwards, grab a drink at the rock bar 'Nevermind'.

Museum of Chocolate


Who didn't dream with living in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory as a kid? Believe it or not, the Museum of Chocolate in Barcelona has nothing to envy to Willy Wonka. Here, all the most representative monuments and cathedrals of Barcelona are edible! Get ready for a mouth-watering experience...

Museum of the Illusions


What is it? A plane maybe? A bird? Oh no! It is an illusion!! Located in El Raval, one of the city's so-called quarters where you feel in a different world, here nothing looks like it really is and everything can happen; from losing the notion of time in Dalís' clocks to get into fight with Darth Vader or attempt to hide from a shark.

There are countless secret spots in Barcelona but here there is a sneak peak into some of them! Keep updated if you want to know more about the small Statue of Liberty in Barcelona or where to fins the finest clubs and pubs in the 'Ciudad Condal'! - Flavia Robles

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