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flash mob america Our mission is to bring people together by creating JOY through spontaneous acts of dance, laughter, kindness, and surprise!
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  • Fabulous Flash Mob!

    Flash Mob America is flash mobbing for the FABULOUS Kimora Lee Simmons and we want YOU to join us! This is going to be one of our best and biggest events yet! Don’t miss our last Los Angeles Flash Mob in 2010! This officially marks Flash Mob America’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! You don’t want to miss this celebration! Her reality show KIMORA:LIFE IN THE FAB LANE wants to document the entire process so you’ll be on TV when you attend rehearsals and the event! HOW COOL IS THAT? (you’d be playing yourself so there is no union issue at all!) This is our chance to show the world what Flash Mob America Flash Mobbers are all about! You have a chance to make history with Flash Mob America and we want to share it with you! It’s because of YOU that we have been invited to do this. You are the reason FMA is in demand! We can’t wait to dance with you again! RSVP to: fabflashmob@gmail.com (serious flash mobbers only!) See you there!! Conroe & Staci http://flashmobamerica.com

  • Flash Mob to Help the Homeless

    We’re flash mobbing to raise money and awareness for PATH Achieve Glendale and CHILD S.H.A.R.E. THIS WILL BE AN MJ/GAGA MASHUP!!! We’ll have some fun surprises to reveal as we get closer! Register at flashmobamerica@gmail.com


    DROP, COVER and HOLD ON Because this Fall the American Red Cross is kicking off PREPARE LA+ an awareness campaign that aims to get YOU ready for a disaster! Join US OCTOBER 3rd Register by sending an email with your first and last name to: preparelaflashmob@gmail.com 2. Join the Facebook Group page at http://www.facebook.com/flashmobamerica 3. Recruit others- Follow us on Twitter @flashmobamerica 4. Get a RED SHIRT and show up ready to FLASH MOB!

  • Join Us On Sept. 25 for Our Next Flash Mob!!

    We’re flash mobbing to raise awareness of Heal the Bay’s Coastal Cleanup efforts! Brand new flash mob location and a HUGE Audience! We will have an instructional video done for you soon. Stay tuned for more info! Register with Tina at healthebayflashmob@gmail.com This is the only way to officially register and get the tools you need!

  • [OFFICIAL] - In The Heights Flash Mob for Lin-Manuel Miranda - Universal City Walk - Los Angeles, CA

    Flash Mob America and over 300 fans celebrated the Los Angeles arrival of IN THE HEIGHTS (the Tony-Winning Best Musical) by surprising the creator and star of the show, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and dancing to the song “96,000” http://www.BroadwayLA.org This Broadway musical, about home, family, and finding where you belong, is Celebrating its L.A. Premiere at Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre for 5 weeks only, June 22 — July 25! Watch Video ›

  • Alien Invasion Flash Mob!!

    Join FLASH MOB AMERICA in an ALIEN INVASION Flash Mob! This is one you won’t want to miss! On the morning of June 15th, dance as an alien at the world’s largest industry expo! What industry you ask? You know we can’t tell you that! We have a FIRST TIME EVER surprise for you! We only have 65 spots available so get your RSVP in now! TO REGISTER, it’s very important that you email alieninvasionflashmob@gmail.com.

  • Flash Mob America’s Flash Mob for Haiti

    Flash Mob America Flash Mobbers joined together to raise money for Haiti. 100% of the donations went to Yele Haiti’s Earthquake Relief Fund. Thank you to Jen Orsi, Hollywood & Highland, Eric Hargrove, Mike Wood, Erick Vega, Jay Tan, Juan Paz, Dax Valdez, Ron Michaud, Joleen Chavez, Kathleen Touhy, Terrell Williams, Amanda Ayres, Tina Shults, our amazing Flash Mobbers and of course all of you who donated your time, money, and talent to the cause. We Love You! Watch Video ›

  • Flash Mob for Haiti Postponed

    Haiti Flash Mob Postponed for Rain! We’ll figure out the new date this month and let you know - keep practicing and getting donations!!! email us at flashmobamerica (gmail) for more info.

  • Flash Mob for Haiti Invitation

    Haiti needs your help! Join us as we Flash Mob to Raise Money for Haiti! We’ll perform the amazing Michael Jackson This Is It dance! A lot of money has been raised to help Haiti, but we cannot forget that this is going to be a long process to rebuild this country. Let’s come together, make a donation, and Flash Mob the dance made famous by the This Is It Dancers and the Dancing Inmates!! We’re looking for a major corporation that will make a large donation based on the number of flash mobbers we get! If anyone has any contacts that would help us, email us immediately! In the meantime, we’re going to do this like a marathon. Once you register, we’ll send you an email you can send to your friends and family asking them to Sponsor you! They can make a donation on your behalf directly to Yele Haiti. Michael Jackson has given the MOST, of any celebrity, to charities around the world. He inspired us to create Flash Mob America so let’s continue his mission to HEAL THE WORLD. Let’s remind the world that the devastation Haiti has faced is long from being repaired. Here is the full dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKtdTJP_GUI Travis Payne Instructional video of the first part “The Drill:” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPkKbepFvjQ PLEASE do your best to start learning the dance on your own. If “The Drill” section feels too hard for you don’t worry, cuz we’ll need plenty of people to come in after on the MARCH. Imagine 100 people doing The Drill. People will be blown away and think that’s it. Then 400 more would join on the marching when “They Don’t Really Care About Us” comes on!! AMAZING!! (check egos at the door. this is for charity! no ONE person is the “star” of the flash mob. The marchers are just as important as the drill!) Feel free to ask us any questions. To those of you wondering how you can help us, our greatest need is PROMOTION! We need everyone to tell everyone they know! If you have friends that would “never” dance, we need them to simply MARCH in the back. No dancing required! FLASH MOB DAY is FEBRUARY 20th in Los Angeles. THE FLASH MOB WILL GO DOWN AT 3PM!! REHEARSAL ON THE DAY OF WILL START 11AM SHARP! WE HAVE AWESOME FORMATIONS TO PRACTICE!! See you at rehearsal!! TO REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT, PLEASE EMAIL US AT FLASHMOBAMERICA@GMAIL.com If you are on Twitter: Click Here to tweet about RSVPing for this Flash Mob! Help spread the word! Stay tuned for emails about DONATING and REHEARSING. We are not going to have a lot of rehearsals. Please watch the videos, learn the best you can, and we’ll send an instructional video for the MARCH very soon. NOW PASS THIS ON!!! Watch Video ›

  • Atlanta Musician’s Flash Mob!

    The Atlanta Opera is working with area musicians to put together a Triumphal March Flash Mob, a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform and then quickly disperse. In this case we are asking people to assemble to play an excerpt from the Triumphal March from Verdi’s AIDA. The location of the Flash Mob will remain a secret until the day before the actual event. To get in on the action, email flashmobamerica@gmail.com

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