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    Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    We Wore Mom Jeans For A Week And Relived The '90s

    I’m “momming” out right now and it’s insane.

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    Ah, the mom jean: a classic staple for many middle-aged women in the '90s. But lately the high-waisted, flat-butt pants are making a comeback. The women of Ladylike decided to test out if anyone can pull off the resurrected trend.

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    The ladies participating in this weeklong experiment come from all different backgrounds, from never wearing pants to being the mom of the group.

    Before the ladies slipped into their choice pair of jeans, they brought in a real mom to give some advice.

    Day one was a smashing success after the women realized how comfortable and useful they were, but then they looked in the mirror.

    And no challenge is complete without a few shady observers.

    By the end of the week, all the gals were kind of into their looks,and didn't want to take the jeans off.

    These jeans aren't going anywhere.