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Women Get Their Eyebrows Waxed For The First Time And, Dare We Say, Finally Are On Fleek

"I feel like I’m a woman now."

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We gathered three women who had never had their eyebrows waxed before (well, one had, but she was just really excited about this) to get transformed by the brow kween herself, Kelley Baker.

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If you don't know who Kelley Baker is, EDUCATE YOURSELF ALREADY!

So, we got three lucky ladies to get groomed by Kelley herself. Francesca has had her eyebrows threaded, but has a fear of hot wax.

"Peeling hair and possibly skin kind of scares me."

"Peeling hair and possibly skin kind of scares me."

Maycie gets her brows done on the reg, but is a big Pretty Little Liars fan, and Kelley does Shay Mitchell's brows, so duh, she had to come.

And me? Well, now or never, right?!


Kelley began by trimming, something "you should leave to a professional," because it's very hard to do on yourself.

Then came the wax.

"Obviously, it's a little warm. And then it's going to feel like a Band-Aid."

Francesca was still a little scared of this step, but the wax wasn't as hot as she thought it would be.


A LOT WAS HAPPENING! The last step was tweezing. Kelley always waxes first "to get any of the baby hairs, and then the tweezing we go in and fine tune after."

Now it was time to fill those babies in and make 'em pop! Kelley started with a highlighting pencil to give them a nice, polished look.

"Proper tools definitely make a big difference in filling in your brows and make them look natural."

Then she used either a pencil or powder to fill them in all along the line of the highlighter.

"We want to make them look like they're your brows, and we're just enhancing your brow shape. The key to filling in your brows is just remembering less is more."

TIME FOR THE REVEAL! Maycie was obsessed with them!

Francesca loved how even they were!

And I was praying to the eyebrow gods for this blessing!



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