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    We Tried Extreme Face Masks

    I feel like Freddy Krueger.

    Y'all, can we talk about how crazy skincare is getting? It may be working, but AT WHAT PRICE?! Is it really worth it to be putting snail mucus and placenta on our faces? The women of Ladylike tested some out.

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    Each woman had their own unique goal. Freddie wanted to give her skin more attention, while Safiya just wanted to see WHY people would do this. Chantel just missed her skin of the good ol' days.

    They decided to try the coveted 24 karat gold mask, a placenta mask, and a snail mucus mask. In order to be fair, the ladies pulled straws to see who got which mask.

    So, as gross as it may sound, the placenta mask actually brightens and plumps skin, and removes wrinkles.

    The snail mucus re-hydrates, softens, repairs, and brightens skin.

    Finally, the ~gold mask~ helps with anti-aging and calms stressed out skin.

    It was time to APPLY AND WAIT.

    Freddie was feelin' good after the experience...

    ...and it looked like Chantel had to eat her own words. She was loving her new skin.

    Safiya, on the other hand, didn't really see any overwhelmingly positive effects.

    So was it all worth it? They might skip the $80 price tag next time, but face masks in general are definitely worth looking like a serial killer.