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These Women Tried The Glitter Eyebrow Trend For A Day And Nearly Lost Their Damn Brows

Not on fleek.

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We gathered some women to try out a new trend so you don't have to: glitter eyebrows.

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They began by applying eyelash glue to their brows for easy glitter application. Immediately, it didn't feel right.

"I'm nervous that something will happen."

But they weren't even ready for the finished product:

As it turns out, they weren't that mad at them.

But they were curious to see how people would react.

People were confused. Maybe glitter brows aren't meant for the daytime?

They seemed to grow on everyone, though, as the day and night wore on.

But when it came time to remove them, the real nightmare began:

It was impossible to get off!

The stuff just wouldn't come off without a fight and clung to their brows!

"I think the moral of the story is that I put way too much glitter on."

Freddie even had to go get medical adhesive remover to get the job done!

Basically, do not try this at home.