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    10 Nightmarish Facts About Snake Island

    Take a tour of Ilha de Queimada Grande, aka "Snake Island," aka the worst tourist destination in the world. Off the shore of Brazil, Snake Island plays home to thousands of snakes, and guess what: they're anything but harmless.

    1. The Brazilian Navy has forbidden anyone from landing on the island.

    2. Snake Island contains the largest concentrated population of snakes in the world.

    3. The snakes live off migratory birds, which stop there to rest, and are shortly thereafter slaughtered and eaten by the thousands.

    4. The golden lancehead is responsible for 90% of all snakebite-related deaths in Brazil.

    5. There are an estimated one to five snakes per square meter.

    6. Golden lanceheads grow to "well over" half a meter long.

    7. The snakes' poison is fast-acting, and melts the skin around the bite(s).

    8. An unknowing fisherman once landed on the island to innocently pick bananas. He was promptly bitten, and later found in his boat, lying in a large pool of blood.

    9. The last lighthouse operator, his wife, and their three children were all bitten by snakes that slithered through a window at night. As they tried to flee the island, snakes bit them from the branches above, and they died before escaping.

    Check out this video to see the living, breathing horror:

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