The 19 Most Fashionable Full-Body Suits For Every Occasion

Got a special event on the horizon? Have no idea what to wear? Worry no more: You’ll never need to wear anything else other than these.

19. “Red Catwoman”

Because a black Catwoman suit is NEVER enough.

18. “Flag of the United States”

Order now! Independence Day is less than a year away!

17. “Catsuit and Ball Head with Open Eyes and Mouth”


16. “Tiger Pattern Tail”

Get it gurrrrrl.

15. “Sleeping Bag”

Just for those times when you really just need to dress up as a sleeping bag and be ~YoUrSeLf~.

14. “Metallic Mermaid Suit”

Eat your heart out, Ariel.

13. “Mummy Bag”

For all those “The Mummy 2” theme parties you go to.

12. “Inflatable Bust Catsuit”

If the red Catwoman suit is a little too provocative for you, this one is all about CONFIDENCE.

11. “Super Hero Costume”

This isn’t the Super Hero Costume you need, but it’s the one you DESERVE.

10. “Dress and Pant”

“Honey, what’re you wearing tonight?”
“My Dress and Pant, of course!”

9. “Green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes: now available in greens.

8. “Flesh Color”


7. “Flag of Switzerland”

Please don’t buy this if you’re a paramedic.

6. “Brown”

Isn’t this racist?

5. “Flag of Japan”

Aka Kotex’s secret viral marketing campaign.

4. “Coffee”

Evocative of a majestic deer.

3. “Cream Color Baby Face”

For when you feel like being a real life Real Doll!

2. “Clown”

I didn’t just lock all the doors in my house right now.

1. “Blue White”

When impersonating a Smurf is just too… classy.

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