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    The 19 Most Fashionable Full-Body Suits For Every Occasion

    Got a special event on the horizon? Have no idea what to wear? Worry no more: You'll never need to wear anything else other than these.

    19. "Red Catwoman"

    18. "Flag of the United States"

    17. "Catsuit and Ball Head with Open Eyes and Mouth"

    16. "Tiger Pattern Tail"

    15. "Sleeping Bag"

    14. "Metallic Mermaid Suit"

    13. "Mummy Bag"

    12. "Inflatable Bust Catsuit"

    11. "Super Hero Costume"

    10. "Dress and Pant"

    9. "Green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

    8. "Flesh Color"

    7. "Flag of Switzerland"

    6. "Brown"

    5. "Flag of Japan"

    4. "Coffee"

    3. "Cream Color Baby Face"

    2. "Clown"

    1. "Blue White"