• 1. AK Frozen Bullets

    AK Frozen Bullets

    If you’re looking for that ‘killer drink,’ then these bullet-shaped ice trays are perfect.

  • 2. Fossiliced Ice Trays

    Fossiliced Ice Trays

    These prehistorically awesome ice trays turn your drinks into archeological digs.

  • 3. Cool Shooters

    Cool Shooters

    These shot glass-shaped ice molds are perfect for when you just really need to chill out… immediately.

  • 4. Gin & Titonic Ice Trays

    Gin & Titonic Ice Trays

    Makes your ice cubes into tiny Titanics and icebergs. Use appropriately sized glasses to get your Titanic halfway submerged.

  • 5. FishBone Ice Trays

    FishBone Ice Trays

    This tray skips to the point: fish do need water to live, after all; not alcohol.

  • 6. Ice Princess

    Ice Princess

    For the little princess in all of us.

  • 7. Lego Blocks

    Lego Blocks

    Even though these are officially made by Lego, something tells me they won’t stack as well….

  • 8. Shark Fin Ice Trays

    Shark Fin Ice Trays

    There’s just no better ice cube design for tropical-themed parties. Or Jaws-themed ones, if anyone does that anymore.

  • 9. Stone Cold Ice Trays

    Stone Cold Ice Trays

    Keep your drinks as ice-cold as the gaze of the Moai of Easter Island.

  • 10. Ice Sticks

    Ice Sticks

    These ice trays create tube-shaped ice perfect for water bottles.