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    The 10 Coolest Ice Cube Trays

    Normal ice cubes are so last summer. If you want to impress your guests this summer, try out some of these fantastic and unique ice cube trays and keep your drinks cool in the coolest way possible.

    • 1. AK Frozen Bullets

      AK Frozen Bullets

      If you're looking for that 'killer drink,' then these bullet-shaped ice trays are perfect.

    • 2. Fossiliced Ice Trays

      Fossiliced Ice Trays

      These prehistorically awesome ice trays turn your drinks into archeological digs.

    • 3. Cool Shooters

      Cool Shooters

      These shot glass-shaped ice molds are perfect for when you just really need to chill out... immediately.

    • 4. Gin & Titonic Ice Trays

      Gin & Titonic Ice Trays

      Makes your ice cubes into tiny Titanics and icebergs. Use appropriately sized glasses to get your Titanic halfway submerged.

    • 5. FishBone Ice Trays

      FishBone Ice Trays

      This tray skips to the point: fish do need water to live, after all; not alcohol.

    • 6. Ice Princess

      Ice Princess

      For the little princess in all of us.

    • 7. Lego Blocks

      Lego Blocks

      Even though these are officially made by Lego, something tells me they won't stack as well....

    • 8. Shark Fin Ice Trays

      Shark Fin Ice Trays

      There's just no better ice cube design for tropical-themed parties. Or Jaws-themed ones, if anyone does that anymore.

    • 9. Stone Cold Ice Trays

      Stone Cold Ice Trays

      Keep your drinks as ice-cold as the gaze of the Moai of Easter Island.

    • 10. Ice Sticks

      Ice Sticks

      These ice trays create tube-shaped ice perfect for water bottles.