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    24 Signs Your Addiction To "Hearthstone" Has Become A Problem

    Hi, my name is Josh... and I'm addicted to a card game you play online.

    1. You've read all the card descriptions.

    2. And don't care that most of them are just dad jokes.

    3. You've crafted golden cards for their animation alone.

    4. It's given you a whole new appreciation for the skill of accounting.

    Creative accounting, that is.

    5. And you've even made a spreadsheet to determine whether you should play Arena or just buy packs.

    6. You've seen the Hunter become the hunted.

    7. You've had dreams about being able to play this...

    8. ...but this is the nightmare play that wakes you up.

    9. You've thought about how cool it would be if HS were a physical card game.

    10. Sometimes you think the game is trying to tell you something.

    11. Like, REALLY trying to tell you something.

    12. You can accurately predict what card order opponents will play.

    13. After Naxxramas was announced, you finally understood what it was like to live the hoarder lifestyle.

    But all that gold is really starting to burn a hole in your virtual pocket.

    14. You've found yourself watching covers of Warcraft II songs.

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    15. You remember pre-nerf Pagle like Vietnam.

    16. You've felt the glory of facesmacking someone with a Grommash.

    17. You understand what a once-in-a-lifetime pack is, no matter the language.

    18. You've learned the hard way that you don't come between an ape and his bananas.

    19. And you've finally found an answer to what came first.

    20. You've felt the unique satisfaction of drawing someone to death...

    21. ...and you've also stared death in the face.

    22. You've gotten a pack like this and still told yourself, "it could be worse"...

    23.'ve even gotten this Arena draw and told yourself the same thing...

    24. ...but in reality, this is the only thing that's worse.