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5 Most Insane iPhone 5 Rumors

Unless you live under a rock (or a BlackBerry), then you've heard there's a big iPhone-related announcement from Apple tomorrow. However, rumors about it have been going strong since June, and accordingly, they've gotten crazy. Let's see if any of these rumors (or designs) is announced tomorrow.

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5. Apple will announce that it has obtained international cloud-music licenses


After 4 Oct., all iPhones and iOS devices will have access to international cloud-music licenses from record companies and publishers. Although it has been touted that Apple will reveal updates about its upcoming iCloud and iTunes Match (storing your whole music library "in the cloud") products, it's highly unlikely that they will launch tomorrow, and especially that such a vast number of licenses would be immediately available.

4. Apple's next iPhone will feature first "mainstream" AI


Siri (which Apple bought last year) co-founder Norman Winarsky believes that tomorrow's announcement will be "world-changing," and that his company's voice-recognition technology combined with Apple's will result in the first "mainstream" artificial intelligence. Who knows what that could really mean, though.

3. There won't be an iPhone 5, only "4S"


One of the most-talked about rumors from this past weekend is that there won't even be an iPhone 5 announcement tomorrow, but instead just a minor update (like a 64GB hard drive), and hints at the next iteration. Obviously, this one has infuriated most people interested in the matter.


2. Sprint is betting "the company" on the iPhone


While most industry experts think Sprint will be getting some form of the iPhone's next generation, some have gone even further and predicted that the company has signed a $20+ billion contract. That would mean Sprint (no. 3 largest carrier) would have to sell over 30.5 million iPhones in the next four years, or, essentially, go belly-up.

1. The iPhone 5 will be a Sprint exclusive, AT&T and Verizon only get 4S


Building off the craziness of the above rumor, today Boy Genius posted that the iPhone 5 will be a Sprint exclusive and will use WiMax 4G technology.

Supposedly, this would also mean that AT&T and Verizon would only get the iPhone 4S (if that exists).

The only real consensus about the new iPhone (whether 5 or 4S) is that it will likely have a side-to-side, 4-inch screen with a higher resolution, 32GB minimum (upgradeable to 64GB) hard drive, with a "dedicated Assistant button," perhaps integrated with or replacing the "Home" button.

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