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Stunning Photos Of London From Above

This collection of beautiful photos were taken by Jason Hawkes while in a helicopter flying over the city. A night photographer, he captured unique, glowing pictures of all the main sights of London--from Big Ben to Piccadilly Circus--and much more.

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2. Big Ben

3. Oxford Circus

4. The top of 30 St. Mary's Axe, "The Gherkin"

5. Busy roundabout

6. The Lloyd's Building

7. Waterloo and Eurostar terminal

8. The London Eye on the River Thames

9. M25 motorway

10. The view from Canary Wharf

11. Tower Bridge on the River Thames

12. Canada Tower in Canary Wharf

13. Emirates Stadium

14. Piccadilly Circus

15. Waterloo Bridge over the River Thames, along with the London Eye, the Royal National Theatre, and Waterloo Station

See the rest of Jason Hawkes's collection here.

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