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    How To Eat Breakfast Like Hunter S. Thompson

    Not only did Hunter S. Thompson buy his coke like a boss, he was also known for his epic breakfasts. He enjoyed them alone, and "almost never" before noon, with multiple courses, and quite the unexpected "dessert."

    (4) Bloody Marys

    (2) Grapefruits

    (1) Pot of Coffee

    Rangoon Crepes

    (1/2) Pound of Sausage, Bacon, or Corned-Beef Hash with Diced Chilies

    (1) Spanish Omelette or Eggs Benedict

    (1) Quart of Milk

    (1) Chopped Lemon for "Random Seasoning"

    "Something Like" a Slice of Key Lime Pie

    (2) Margaritas

    (6) Lines of the "Finest Cocaine for Dessert"