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    6 Fantastical Utopias You Wish Existed

    All throughout history, people have been obsessed with the idea of the existence of a "utopia." From the fabled city of Atlantis to fictional Alderaan, there's never a shortage of these unbelievably beautiful and sophisticated societies.

    1. Pandora ("Avatar")

    Pandora's environment is full of lush, tropical rainforests and with less gravity than Earth, not only can its inhabitants jump higher, but it allows for the existence of the levitating "Hallelujah Mountains." Also, because of its (former) anonymity, it's full of highly valued resources.

    2. Laputa ("Castle in the Sky")

    After a devastating catastrophe, a civilization formerly secluded in the skies is forced to return to life on the ground. However, Laputa remains high above the clouds, protected from all the troubles down below.

    3. El Dorado ("El Dorado")

    After a South American tribal chief covered himself in gold dust and then dived into a lake, this legend eventually evolved into the location of the "Lost City of Gold," which intrepid explorers have searched for for hundreds of years since. El Dorado has been envisioned as a beautiful paradise, with seemingly endless gold and prosperity, like the Holy Grail. Of course, no-one has ever found a trace of it.

    4. Alderaan ("Star Wars")

    In the Star Wars universe, Alderaan was considered a "shining star" of the Core Worlds, whose landscape was covered in stunning wild grasslands, gorgeous mountain expanses, and whose citizens were the dominant players in education, arts, architecture, poetry, and diplomacy. That is, until it got annihilated by the Death Star.

    5. Utopia ("Utopia")

    Sir Thomas More wrote Utopia depicting in intricate details the properties of the society of the same name. Utopia had no private ownership (houses were rotated between citizens every ten years), hospitals were free, and it was pacifist. Also, though, part of it's questionable: criminals were slaves (two per household), and premarital sex was punished by enforced celibacy, and adultery by enslavement. So there's that.

    6. Atlantis

    First mentioned by Plato, Atlantis was supposedly a legendary island-city, a naval power which conquered much of Western Europe and Africa in 9600 BC. Ever since this account, explorers, scholars, and historians have tried to pinpoint its location. Its featuring in fictional stories and folklore is pretty much unparalleled.