Exploring Track 61: The Hidden Subway Track Beneath The Waldorf-Astoria

First used by General Pershing in 1938, this short-lived line secretly carried Franklin D. Roosevelt to his private suite at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, and whose platform later played host to Andy Warhol’s “Underground Party” in 1965. Today, the original train car and elevator that FDR used are still standing on the mysterious line. See photos here, courtesy of Gothamist.

The platform “has become a holy grail for many urban explorers,” but Gothamist got a rare opportunity to check it out this past weekend. Above, the car that FDR rode in.

Closeup of its back.

Other side of the car.

This is the elevator shaft that was custom-built to carry FDR’s prized Pierce Arrow limousine directly to the parking garage and ultimately, the presidential suite.

This stairway leads down to a condemned subbasement, where the 4/5/6 line supposedly used to run.

Where the FDR car would have pulled up.

Another part of the line.

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