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    23 Convincing Reasons "Surprise, Bitch" Is Actually The Best Meme Of 2013

    Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of this meme.

    It all started when Madison Montgomery (portrayed by Emma Roberts) returned from the grave on FX's show, American Horror Story.

    The show is generally well-regarded, but its popularity is totally unmatched when it comes to Tumblr.

    Naturally, user "whoreforchrist," saw a great opportunity for a gif and cut what would become the gif set to end the year. But little did he know what meme he had wrought.

    1. Once sleeping-dogs-lie got his "paws" on it and added this caption...

    2. ...It became clear that the gif had rather surprising potential.

    3. Like adding a twist ending to Home Alone.

    4. Or casually releasing a new album.

    5. Sheneneh Jenkins's return clearly warranted it.

    6. And Frank Underwood plotting his ascent to power.

    7. Jesus knew something about it.

    8. As did other memes.

    9. Shangela Laquifa has been known to make an appearance.

    10. And Walter White, too.

    11. Simon Cowell's seen it.

    12. Even Winslow got in on the action.

    13. No, Rita, you get back in there too.

    14. Phil Coulson knows all about it.

    15. Other characters on AHS certainly do.


    17. And Surprise, Bitch didn't stop there.



    20. Any way you put it.

    21. Any way you say it.

    22. You can't escape it.

    23. Because


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