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Jul 22, 2011

Cats Hanging Out With Bearded Dragons

This is a really unnatural and awesome relationship that apparently goes on in American households. And I'm SO into it. Here's ten videos of cat-bearded dragon friendships.

  • Puppet (cat) & Puff (dragon, obviously)

    Note: This is literally the cutest thing ever.

  • Cedrick Winters & Anonymous Kitten

    Note: This dragon's name is the best.

  • Boris (dragon) & Pookie (cat)

    Note: This cat is the most disturbed about the situation he's been put into.

  • 'Bearded Dragon' & 'Persian Cat'

    Note: Sure, it starts off with a little swiping on behalf of the cat, but it quickly becomes clear that these two are chillers.

  • Theodore Mittens & Miphy

    Note: They're 'friends,' I guess. Just really lazy ones.

  • Grembol (dragon) & Lucifer (cat)

    Note: The action all takes place starting at 0:45. Also, this is the only video where it's pretty unclear whose name would be whose.

  • Killer (cat) & Cera (dragon)

    Note: Love the weird, vaguely existential track running in the background.

  • 'Cat' & 'Bearded Dragon'

    Note: Probably wanna turn down the sound on this one, it's got angry Russian metal or something.

  • Kuru (dragon) & Potato (cat)

    Note: In stark contrast to the previous video, this one has really relaxing music.

  • Kiyo (dragon) & Tiddles (cat)

    Note: I imagine this one's soundtrack would be 'Got to Get You Into My Life.'

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