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British Royal Marine Killed In Afghanistan Sends His Friends On Vegas Bender

At 23, David Hart, a combat medic in the Royal Marines, took out a £250,000 ($404,549) life insurance policy before being deployed to fight in Afghanistan. Sadly, the day before his 24 birthday, he was killed in combat. But his memory is definitely going to live on (though parts of his friends' may not).

  • In the event that he didn't make it back, Hart had stipulated that £100,000 ($161,819) of the insurance money be set aside for his friends to go on an epic bender in Las Vegas. Hart, whose commanding officer described as "the perfect Marine--magnificent in personality and profession," also designated $80,000 to go toward a charity organization for disabled marines, and the rest to his family. Now, 32 of his friends and their girlfriends are going to celebrate his memory in the best way possible: by having the party of a lifetime in Vegas. (Not to mention the countless people who will be affected by his charitable donation.) Clearly, this man is a champion, and we should all drink to him as well.