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15 Insane LEGO Creations

Built entirely out of LEGO blocks, here are some of the craziest replicas of (mostly) real objects and places.

  • 1. Airbus A380

    A 1:25 ratio Airbus A380, measuring 9.5ft. long with a 10.5ft. wingspan and just over three feet tall in 75,000 LEGO blocks. (Via.)

  • 2. Crimson Permanent Assurance

    From Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. (More photos via.)

  • 3. Cutty Sark

    1:50-scaled replica of the infamous Scottish-built clipper ship, Cutty Sark. (More photos via.)

  • 4. M.C. Escher's "Ascending and Descending"

    Recreation of Escher's take on the Penrose stairs, LEGO style. (Via.)

  • 5. Europe

    Using over 53,500 LEGO blocks, this scaled replica of Europe even includes geographical references and locations of capitals. (Many more incredible photos via.)

  • 6.

  • 7. The Kremlin


  • 8. MINI Cooper


  • 9. Parthenon

    Authentic recreation, mimicking even the smallest damages from the real thing. (Via.)

  • 10. Taz

    (More photos via.)

  • 11. Andy's room

    A 30"x36" replica of Andy's room from Toy Story. (More photos via.)

  • 12. USS Harry S. Truman

    Replica of one of the largest aircraft carriers in the US Navy, the USS Harry S. Truman took more than 300,000 LEGO blocks to construct and includes 85 aircraft and 5000 crew members, accurate to the actual ship's parameters. (More photos via.)

  • 13.

  • 14. V8 engine

    Replica of the popular eight-cylinder engine, complete with operating parts (video below). (Via.)

  • 15.

  • 16. Volvo XC90

    1:1-scaled replica of the Volvo XC90 SUV. (More photos via.)

  • 17. Santa's workshop

    Just in time for Christmas... we've got an awesome portrayal of Santa's workshop, completed entirely with LEGO parts and pieces. (More photos via.)