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    Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on Jul 19, 2011

    10 Famous People Who Have Been Pied

    Unsurprisingly, Rupert Murdoch isn't the first famous person to get pied. Nope, it's a tradition that has lasted throughout the ages. Here's ten of the most prominent people who got nailed by pies to the face.

    • 1. Ralph Klein, Premier of Alberta, Canada

      Ralph Klein , Premier of Alberta, Canada

      Pie-thrower: The Banana-Cream Three

    • 2. Calvin Klein, Fashion Designer

      Calvin Klein , Fashion Designer

      Pie-thrower: PETA
      Notes: Technically 'friendly fire,' as the assailants were aiming for Karl Lagerfeld, as Klein's products are fur-free.

    • 3. Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder and Chairman

      Pie-thrower: Noël Godin
      Notes: After the attack, Godin reportedly only commented, 'My work is done here.'

    • 4. King Carl XVI Gustaf, Swedish Monarch

      King Carl XVI Gustaf , Swedish Monarch

      Pie-thrower: A sixteen-year-old Swedish boy
      Notes: The teenager was arrested on charges of treason immediately after being apprehended.

    • 5. Abraham Beame, Mayor of New York City

      Abraham Beame , Mayor of New York City

      Pie-thrower: Aron Kay

    • 6. Fred Phelps, Conservative Religious Activist

      Fred Phelps , Conservative Religious Activist

      Pie-thrower: Biotic Baking Brigade [Des Moines chapter]
      Notes: BBB's statement was, 'With our heads held high and our baked goods in hand, we are the cream topping on the pie tin of gay liberation and we unite under the motto, There will be no peace, as long as there is pie and there will be pie as long as there are fascists. Fascist gay-bashers everywhere be warned: the pies are in the oven.'

    • 7. James Allen Rhodes, Governor of Ohio

      James Allen Rhodes , Governor of Ohio

      Pie-thrower: A demonstrator protesting against the construction of a new gym building at Kent State University

    • 8. Alex Rodriguez, Third Baseman for the New York Yankees

      Alex Rodriguez , Third Baseman for the New York Yankees

      Pie-thrower: A.J. Burnett

    • 9. Jeffrey Skilling, Enron CEO

      Jeffrey Skilling , Enron CEO

      Pie-thrower: Biotic Baking Brigade [Agent Chocolate Supreme]
      Notes: Agent Chocolate Supreme's statement was, 'Jeffrey Skilling and associates were carrying a lot of Karmic debt, and the choclate cream pie JuJu cut through the disguise. ... Since Mr. Skilling, who made $132 million this year, creamed usI felt obligated to cream him.'

    • 10. Thomas Friedman, New York Times Columnist

      Pie-thrower: Unnamed female Brown student, associate escaped

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