This Class Of 1931 Was Actually The Voice Of The Millennial Generation

While everyone continues to bash the Millennial generation for being “lazy and selfish”, they should probably just include this Class of 1931 too. Humor is timeless.

1. Tumblr user, Dancing-through-Brooklyn, was going through her grandmothers yearbook from 1931 when she found these awesome yearbook quotes:

This Class of 1931 understood you better than you ever could.

The equivalent to laughing at your own jokes, so same.

If you believe what people say about Millennials, David Gottlieb must have time traveled back to 1931.

Being done, Charles Egiziano level.

Submits this to Time Magazine for their “Me,Me,Me Generation: 1931 Edition”

Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick.

Lillian Dworetsky gets all girls.

I feel you, Martin Corrigan.

10. Who would have thought two different generations could be equally as funny. You go Class of 1931!

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