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Dylan Sprouse Explains Why He And Cole Left Disney

As if you needed any more reason to believe Disney was evil.

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Dylan and Cole Sprouse left the Disney Channel after being denied production rights to their own "spin-off" show idea.

Former Disney Channel stars, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, pitched a new "Suite Life" spin-off series to Disney in hopes of being named producers of the show. Disney denied their request, only to then re-pitch a modified version of the Sprouse twins original idea back to them claiming it as their own.

Listen to Dylan explain the situation and the premise of the show below:

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Dylan and Cole then left the Disney corporation to attend New York University in the fall of 2011--making them the only former Disney Channel stars to attend college. Both are enrolled in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU, where Cole focuses his curriculum on humanities and archaeology and Dylan on video game design.

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