Are You Still Obsessed With "Lost"?

See if you’ve been able to get over one of the most notable, cult television series ever.

  1. Check all that apply:
    1. 1 You were really excited to take this quiz.
    2. 2 Because since the series finale, not enough people talk about “Lost.”
    3. 3 Except you. You of course talk about “Lost” all the time.
    4. 4 Seriously, you talk about “Lost” 24/7. Your mom is so pissed you won’t stop calling her to talk about it, even though she think’s you’re talking CNN’s coverage of flight MH370.
    5. 5 If you hear other people talking about “Lost” you immediately include yourself in their conversation.
    6. 6 And you’re so overcome with excitement, that there’s a lump in your throat and you make an inhuman noise.
    7. 7 But of course, you immediately creep them out because YOU KNOW TOO MUCH AND THEY’RE NOT OBSESSED ENOUGH.
    9. 9 Seriously, you know everything about “Lost” and not just the trivial shit like 4-8-15-16-23-42, but like the exact year the ship Black Rock crashed on the Island.
    10. 10 One of your passwords is still 4-8-15-16-23-42.
    11. 11 “What’s the best sho-” “Lost.”
    12. 12 If people ask you for Netflix recommendations your first recommendation is “Lost.”
    13. 13 Your second Netflix recommendation is also “Lost,” because, “What do you mean you don’t want to watch Lost?”
    14. 14 You pretty much force all your friends to watch “Lost” because how dare they not love what you love.
    15. 15 Since “Lost” ended, no show has been able to make you feel the same way.
    16. 16 Not even Breaking Bad.
    17. 17 Or Game of Thrones.
    19. 19 Your favorite band is still Drive Shaft.
    20. 20 You still know all the verses to “You All Everybody.”
    21. 21 You’ve decorated your home after a Dharma ranch.
    22. 22 You seriously have rewatched the entirety of “Lost” at least one time.
    23. 23 Two times.
    24. 24 Three times or more.
    25. 25 You actually refuse to rewatch “Lost” because you can’t put yourself through that pain again. I’M STILL SAD.
    26. 26 You still imagine yourself as a character on “Lost,” and whether you would survive the Island.
    27. 27 In the past 3 months you’ve had a dream about “Lost.”
    28. 28 You can’t open and close your eyes without thinking about Jack.
    29. 29 You still avoid thinking about that one scene in “Lost” that emotionally wreaks havoc on your soul.
    30. 30 You will actually punch someone in the mouth if they try bringing up a character’s death, because you’re still not over it.
    31. 31 You’ve punched someone in the mouth for bringing up, “Not Penny’s Boat.”
    32. 32 You’ve had the same “Lost” desktop background for the past 10 years.
    33. 33 You’ve considered naming your dog Vincent.
    34. 34 Your dog’s name is Vincent.
    35. 35 Your favorite brand of peanut butter is “invisible.”
    36. 36 You still refer to people you dislike as “The Others.”
    37. 37 And you still only refer to the actors of “Lost” by their “Lost” character names.
    38. 38 You have at least one “Lost” reference on your work desk, despite the show ending four years ago.
    39. 39 Your work desk is entirely “Lost” themed.
    40. 40 You work in a quarantine chamber, pushing a button every 108 minutes, because you want to be like Desmond.
    41. 41 You’ve been calling octagons “Dharma Initiative Symbols” since 2008.
    42. 42 You’ve considered joining a support group after your heart broke into a million pieces when it ended.
    43. 43 Polar bears still remind you of “Lost.”
    44. 44 You understand that “Lost” had it’s bad moments, but you still defend it with all your heart.
    45. 45 You’ve wasted a lot of hours on this show, reading theories and commenting on forums, to just forget about it.
    46. 46 You hate this show.
    47. 47 “We’re going to have to take the boy.” still sends shutters up your spine.
    48. 48 Everyone is sick of you talking about “Lost.”
    49. 49 But you still have so many feelings!
    50. 50 And this quiz has given you another reason to talk about it some more!

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