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    33 "Teen Wolf" "Facts" As Told By Someone Who's Never Seen It

    My Tumblr dashboard is my Teen Wolf guide. (Inspired by this)

    1. First off, they're all hot.

    2. Like really hot.

    3. Hot.

    4. Which is weird because they're freshman in high school.

    5. And they're wolves.

    6. Teen.

    7. Wolves.

    8. Even this guy who looks like he's 32.

    9. His name is Derek, and he's an Alpha.

    10. He's also very aggressive.

    11. He used to stalk Scott.

    12. And Scott's boy, Stiles, literally pointed out everyone's biggest fear during a Skype chat.

    13. Scott and Stiles are best friends.

    14. They're also best friends In real life too!

    15. Scott is a teen wolf, but not like the Michael J. Fox kind.

    16. Stiles doesn't get to be a teen wolf, just a virgin.

    17. But, Stiles is the better character anyways, he's not about that teen wolf life.

    18. Stiles is really awkwardly funny.

    19. He speaks to everyone.

    20. And he's Derek's boyfriend.

    21. Sterek is a very big deal, and if you don't ship Sterek than no one in the fandom gets you.

    22. Because they're like cute friends in real life too.

    23. Some scenes looks really weird out of context.

    24. Oh yeah, none of them like to wear shirts.

    25. But, no one's complaining.

    26. Somebody is hunting all the teen wolves??????

    27. And killing all the virgins??????

    28. The twins from Desperate Housewives left Wisteria Lane are in teen wolf land now.

    29. The entered the show dancing to 80's music.

    30. One of them did a softcore gay porn scene.

    31. Basically, Teen Wolf is the closest thing MTV can get to porn.

    32. Again, no one is complaining.

    33. Taylor Lautner is not in this show.