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30 Signs You Might Be Obsessed With "Arrested Development"

You've re-watched Arrested Development so many times, you can never think of some things the same way again.

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1. Stuffed animals are no longer just stuffed animals:

They're now awards.

They're now awards.

2. Instead of saying "hello," you'd rather say:

3. Ice isn't just something you put in your drinks anymore:

ICE is a party planner.

ICE is a party planner.

...and also bounty hunter.

...and also bounty hunter.

4. You forgot how chickens actually act:

5. You can't see the color blue without thinking:

6. Cutoff shorts will never be the same:

7. You're pretty sure Sims 3 did this on purpose:

8. You can't look at bananas the same way:

9. Because, well:

There's always money in the banana stand.

There's always money in the banana stand.

10. You've thought about Lucille at breakfast:

11. When somebody asks you a question you now say this:

12. You've considered finding your own J. Walter Weatherman to teach somebody a lesson:

13. You've said this while eating an ice cream sandwich:

14. "Ya freak bitch" has become a favorite insult of yours:

15. You tend to say this when you do something wrong now:

16. You now wink like Lucille Bluth:

17. You've decided to become a professional twice over, an analyst and therapist:

18. You've thought of proposing to someone like this:

19. Or just get married by dare:

20. This song pops into your head when you see something British:

21. "Blah blah blah" is now:

22. Anybody named Ann:

23. Same goes for Steve:

24. You can hear the Charlie Brown music in your head:

25. You also walk like this now when you're sad:

26. You've actually tried visiting

It doesn't work, but this is close:

27. You always leave a note:

28. You can never listen to "The Final Countdown" without thinking of Gob:

29. You've harbored a strong dislike toward seals:

Took Buster's hand, dude, not cool.

Took Buster's hand, dude, not cool.

30. Whenever May 26 is mentioned, this is you:

Or even if you see your food expires that day.

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