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28 Reasons Why Life Should Be More Like An '80s Teen Movie

John Hughes should have directed all of our lives.

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1. The chances of a guy holding a boom box outside your window would increase 300%.

Obviously he would be there to profess his love for you, and to blast "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. What else?

As seen in Say Anything (1989).


4. Actual real-life freeze frame moments would be the best and most common way to celebrate one's successes.

That guy in your chemistry class frozen with his fist in the air? Yeah, he just got an A on his exam after having studied all night for it. No big deal.

As seen in The Breakfast Club (1985).


13. This would forever remain your definition of a vampire:

Piercings, long hair, leather jackets, always looking sweaty and dirty, metal, not sparkling: a true vampire.

As seen in The Lost Boys (1987).


24. No one will, like, ever want to gag you with a spoon if you talk this, like, totally bitchin' way, fer sure.

27. You could make people think you joined that religious cult you saw on 60 Minutes.

But really you just enrolled in a different high school and dressed up as the opposite sex to prove patriarchal dominance and stick it to society.

As seen in Just One of the Guys (1985).

28. And impromptu dance numbers would be completely normal.

So if you ever need to twist and shout for any reason whatsoever, go right ahead.

Pictured above is Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but random dance scenes are in a lot of '80s teen movies.

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