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    24 Signs You Have The Swagger Of An Eighth Grade Boy

    You must be incredibly cool to be on this level of swagness.

    1. You wear a rosary as a necklace even though you're not religious in any way.

    2. You own about seven snapbacks.

    3. They're all Obey.

    4. Your favorite place to hang out is the mall.

    5. You need to have your large headphones around your neck at all times.

    6. So you can listen to Drake.

    7. You probably own a skateboard.

    8. Not because you're any good but because you think it looks cool.

    9. You own a Bob Marley T-shirt.

    and it's not because you like his music.

    10. Jordans are the only shoes you wear.

    11. You really hate Justin Bieber, even though you dress exactly like him.

    12. You have a Tumblr dedicated to all things swag.

    13. "This is for all my haters," has become a regular saying of yours.

    They're jealous of your swag.

    14. "Your mom" is your favorite diss to your bros.

    15. When you diss your bro, you and your bro gang go:

    16. Daniel Tosh is your favorite comedian.

    17. Your Instagram is full of selfies with you doing pouty faces.

    18. And one of your selfies has a galaxy filter on it.

    19. Plus, you never forget to take a weekly shirtless pic.

    20. You're the kid who thinks they're funny when playing Xbox Live.

    21. You need a belt.

    22. You yell,"Fuck da police!", before you do anything bad.

    23. You started a relationship by quoting the Perks of Being a Wallflower.

    24. You still say "swag."

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