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    23 GIFs Of Lana Del Rey Doing Something Really Slowly

    She sings about her fast-paced life but doesn't seem to move fast at all.

    1. Lana doing whatever she's doing with the American flag right now:

    2. Lana ever so slightly turning her head:

    3. Lana hugging with her mouth:

    4. Lana blowing a kiss:

    5. Lana threatening you:

    6. Lana setting a bad example for small children:

    7. Lana expressing sadness:

    8. Lana laughing at you:

    9. Lana wondering why none of her GIFs are ever in color:

    10. Lana gently caressing your face:

    11. Lana just being perfect:

    12. Lana brushing off a bad SNL performance:

    13. Lana doing this:

    14. Lana blinking:

    15. Lana making the motorcycle seem slow:

    16. Lana untamed::

    17. Lana not caring about you:

    18. Lana swimming with crocodiles:

    19. Lana singing:

    20. Lana being a pokemon:

    21. Lana giving herself a neck message:

    22. Lana on a tire swing:

    But this is the better version:

    23. Lana politely laughing at your unfunny joke: