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15 Best Recurring SNL Sketches

Some sketches are so good there has to be more than one.

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14. Spartan Cheerleaders (1995-1999)

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"Let's go Spartans!"


12. Bill Swerski's Superfans (1990-1997)

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"Da Bears"

11. Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer (1991-1996)

One hundred thousand years ago, a caveman was out hunting in the plains, when he slipped and fell into a crevasse, where he was frozen solid. In 1988, he was discovered by scientists and was thawed out. He then attended law school and became...The Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer!


8. Brian Fellow's Safari Planet (1999-2004)

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"If that turtle bites me, I'm gonna kill it!"

7. Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood (1981)

"Can you say bitch?"


5. Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker (1993-1994)

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"I live in a VAN down by the RIVER"

4. Andy Samberg's Digital Shorts (2005-2013)

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"Wanna get you somethin' from the heart, somethin' special girl--it's my dick in a box."

Honorable Weekend Update recurring characters: Roseanne Roseannadanna, Harry Caray, the Devil, Stefon, Opera Man

1. Celebrity Jeopardy (1996-2002)

"What's the difference between you and a mallard with a cold? One's a sick duck... I can't remember how it ends, but you're mother's a whore."

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