13 TV Characters Who Escaped The Friendzone

Finally someone escaped the friendzone. Too bad they’re a TV character.

1. Gordo

Was friendzoned by Lizzie Mcguire on Lizzie Mcguire

2. J.D.

Was friendzoned by Elliot Reid on Scrubs

3. Fry

Was friendzoned by Leela on Futurama

4. Sam Weir

Was friendzoned by Cindy on Freaks and Geeks

(didn’t last long because Cindy was boring as hell, and didn’t like The Jerk ????)

5. Zack Morris

Was friendzoned by Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell and then again on Saved by the Bell:College Years

6. Louis Stevens

Was friendzoned by Tawny Hart on Even Stevens

7. Ron Stoppable

Was friendzoned by Kim Possible on Kim Possible

8. Tony Micelli

Was friendzoned by Angela Bower on Who’s the Boss

9. Steve Urkel

Was friendzoned by Laura Winslow in Family Matters

10. Jim Halpert

Was friendzoned by Pam Beesly on The Office

11. Chandler Bing

Was friendzoned by Monica Geller on Friends

12. George Michael

Was cousinzoned by Maeby Funke on Arrested Development

(in the end they’re not actual cousins they just thought they were when they kissed like 4 times (?) and based on the season 4 trailer it looks like they got together???)

13. Kelly Kapoor

Was friendzoned by Ryan Howard from The Office

(this is the closest “girl gets friendzoned” relationship I could find, if you have any others please feel free to comment)

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