10 Reasons Why One Direction Fans Are Actually Zombies

I’m not saying One Direction fans are zombies, but One Direction fans are zombies.

Which one is Harry Styles?

Oh, he’s probably that one in the green shirt…

Escaping for his life…

…from a hoard of teenage fan-girls and like three dads.

1. You know, escaping from those One Direction fans who travel in herds…

…like the zombies from The Walking Dead.

Awe, look they made a sign :’)

2. Who scream whenever they get a glimpse of One Direction…

…like hungry zombies do when they see a human.

3. And once 1D fans get their glimpse, will chase after them…

…like zombies would chase a potential meal.

4. Thus, 1D fans are very identifiable…

…just as identifiable as a zombie is.

5. They will try to push themselves through any gate to reach 5 people…

… like zombies.

6. They’ll surround cars…

… just to get to whoever is inside them.

7. One Direction fans don’t sleep…

…neither do zombies.

8. They’re everywhere…

This is actually frightening.

…you can’t escape them.

9. One Direction fans will kill you…

…like a zombie would kill you for a pair of 1D tickets also.

They’re expensive, I’m sure a zombie dad would do anything for his zombie kids too.

10. But most importantly, all millions of One Direction fans are victims to an infection …

…one that changes the way they behave physically and mentally, just like a zombie is.

Sadly, One Direction fan zombies are just the most recent in a long line of zombie fan apocalypses—there were others.

There were the one’s who started it all with Beatles Mania.

The ones who crowned the King of Pop.

The ones who went crazy like it was 1999.

The ones who hung tough.

The ones who wouldn’t say bye, bye, bye.

The ones who were larger than life.

The ones who brought fan-girling back after it was gone for a while.

And the ones who made sure it was here to stay.

Help us all.

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