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    • fivetwosix

      Hmm I don’t take offense in being asked where I am from but I suspect it’s because I also ask my caucasian friends where are they from since be it in America, Australia or Europe - majority of caucasians are migrants at some point in their family history. And I’ve always ended up in fascinating discoveries and discussions whether is it Europeans whose family escaped across borders during WWII or the mass migration of Italians to Australia after the war or British missionaries settling in America, etc etc. So I don’t know - I always just took to it as the more we engage in conversations with people different from us, the more we gain awareness and avoid being ignorant or offended. While I’ve always thought of racism as something that’s either immature and thereby not worth being upset over, or a deep-seated hatred that isn’t always subjected to skin colour but historical bearings e.g. I know of older generation Chinese who remains anti-Japanese for the abuse they received during the Pacific War.

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