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The Top 10 Things To Do In Paphos

Paphos, a city located in the coastal part in the southwest of Cyprus, carries a lot of historical and religious importance.

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Things To Do In Paphos

Paphos, a city located in the coastal part in the southwest of Cyprus, carries a lot of historical and religious importance. As per the ancient myth, the name “Paphos” is linked with a Greek goddess and is also believed to be a birthplace of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty. Included in the UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of the world's heritage, Paphos enjoys the mildest temperatures on the island which make it a likely tourist destination. It has also been selected as European Capital of Culture for 2017.

With massive investments from the Cyprus Government with a purpose of making Paphos a popular destination among tourists, the city exhibits a perfect blend of historical and cultural importance alongside the modern amusements. From sightseeing of historical monuments to trying out some adventure sports, here is a list of things that you ought to experience while on vacation to Paphos.

1. Paphos Archeological Park

Listed on the UNESCOs World Heritage Sites in 1980, Paphos Archeological Park is one of the most important archaeological sites in Cyprus. The park includes sites and monuments from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages, most noticeably the intricate mosaic floors of four Roman Villas alongside other important monuments such as the Asklepieion, the Odeon, the Agora, and the Tombs of the Kings.

2. Aphrodite's Rock

According to one legend, this rock is the site of the birth of the goddess Aphrodite, located offshore along the main road. The combination of beauty and historical significances makes it a popular tourist attraction.Aphrodite Hill Resort and tourist pavilions are located nearby for tourists.

3. The Steni Museum of Village Life

Devoted to people living during the rough time since the creation of village until World War II, it portrays as well mesmerizes, taking spectators back in time which almost no one has experienced throughout their life.

4. Scuba Diving

Paphos being Rich in underwater biodiversity as well as shipwreck with clear water giving high

visibility rate and with Pleasant water temperature most of the year makes it a favorable destination for scuba diving.

5. Paphos Zoo

Opened round the year with more than 100,000 sq. meters, in a rich and unharmed natural environment and is the island’s leading tourist attraction. It is also home to an extensive variety of birds and animals from every curve of the planet. The collection of parrots and poisonous serpents is one of the biggest in Europe.

6. Paphos water park

Aphrodite waterpark is an amusement park that features waterplay areas, such as swimming pools, water slides, splash pads, lazy rivers, or another recreational bathing, swimming, and barefooting environments. A perfect place for a family on vacation.

7. Cultural Centre

A perfect blend of music, literature, and fun along with periodic concerts, book presentation, theaters, and parties, it is a place everyone would enjoy visiting while in the city.

8. Beaches

Being a Coastal city, Paphos consists of number of sea beaches where one can enjoy scenic beauty, surfing and other various kinds of entertainments.

9. Aphrodite Rock Brewing Company

Paphos is also famous for its historical importance in brewing. The beers are produced by using the similar methodologies that were used in the bronze-age around 3500 years before. This makes Paphos a great haven for beer lovers who can enjoy the beautiful weather and scenic beauty with sips of chilled beer.

10. Horse Riding

If you are into some adventure and love horse riding, Paphos has a lot to offer. Horse riding in the Eagle Mountain Ranch, as well as the countryside, provides the thrill and fun to adventure lovers.

Along with the above-listed things, Paphos offers even more that includes boat tours, eco-tours, Segway tours of historical monuments. Paphos also offers lucrative opportunities to get settled for outsiders as the estate agents provide the best deals that one could bargain for. With the availability of a significant number of experienced estate agents, one could enjoy a broad range of estate services from buying to selling to renting properties.

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