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All You Need To Know About Candle Color Significance

If you were to ask the average individual if he or she finds candles beneficial, they would more than likely respond positively

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Candle color significance

All You Need To Know About Candle Color Significance

If you were to ask the average individual if he or she finds candles beneficial, they would more than likely respond positively. When asked why they are beneficial, the chances are they would reply that they are useful as a means of providing light and eliminating darkness. However, candles can present with significance far beyond their primary purpose of lighting a dark area. Candles can also be used for peace, healing, truth, and religion.

Anecdotal evidence has shown the importance of religious candles in different types of religions, particularly forms of witchcraft. Candles have been used to support the craft, promote healing, and increase the power of spells among the witches. Candle color is of great significance in this area as each color defines a particular spell, form of healing, or scope of the craft. For example, darker candles tend to be associated with dark magic and white candles with good magic.

In today's society, candles are also a crucial part of the popular aromatherapy industry. In this area, each color presents with a specific meaning, a single fragrance, and a particular emotion. This article will point out the different candle colors as associated to 21st century aromatherapy.

•The White Candle

White candles are typically considered as symbols of peace and harmony in all areas including aromatherapy. This type of candle is associated with simplicity and has a link to the moon's effects on an individual's well-being. The prominent factors influenced by white candles are purity, protection and trust in relationships.

•The Yellow Candle

Unlike white candles that associate with lunar power, the yellow candle is associated with solar energy and the influence of the sun's movements on an individual's well-being. Yellow is typically considered a symbol of wisdom, learning, knowledge, and victory; therefore, it is used to develop environments of joy and confidence.

•The Pink Candle

The pink candle is associated with creativity, beauty, and affection. As part of aromatherapy, burning this color candle can promote positive romantic relationships by increasing feelings of romance. Pink is also useful for females to improve feelings of femininity and improving a woman's sense of self-esteem.

•The Red Candle

While the color red is associated with romance, an aromatherapy candle colored red signifies different elements of romance as compared to the pink candle. It is found that red is associated with wildness and fire; therefore, it supports emotions of passion and wild love. Conversely, red color candles can also signify rage and is associated with emotions of anger.

•The Blue Candle

Similar to the white candle, the blue candle is a color candle that signifies feelings of purity, peace, and relaxation. As part of aromatherapy, blue candles are burned to increase an awareness of reality and promote brain stimulation for education. Blue can also be linked to an element of romance whereby it illustrates devotion in a romantic relationship.

•The Black Candle

The black candle is the candle most commonly associated with demons, darkness, and black magic. When burned, this candle will often be linked to the presence of spirits and dealing with immorality; however, black candles can also be used in healing rituals as they are associated with the healing energy of the universe.

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