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6 Diet Myths!

Diets are for quitters. At FitToDo, we don't believe in diets. Why starve and scrimp and deny yourself for a few weeks, lose the weight, and then pack it all back on the second you return to your normal eating habits? It's unhealthy, unnatural, and quite frankly, a waste of time. Not to mention, whenever I choose to go on a diet, I’m the crabbiest person on the planet – you’d better run for cover unless you've invented calorie-free donuts.

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6 Diet Myths!

If you want to maintain your weight and reap all the benefits of health, you have to build healthy habits. These habits then form a FitToDo lifestyle that comes naturally - leaving you happy, active, and never feeling deprived (or wanting to kick someone for eating a candy bar at your desk)! However, it's hard to start from scratch - especially when we're surrounded with thousands of different diets being suggested to us at every turn. To make things a bit easier for you, here are some common diet myths - BUSTED!

Myth #1: Never fill your plate. WRONG! I like my plate to be overflowing - you just have to fill it with the right things. Use a quarter for lean protein, and quarter for multigrain carbohydrates, and then you can have green stuff spilling over the sides if your little heart desires. If you're going to eat large portions, make them fruits and veggies!

Myth #2: No snacking. Please. Remember the last time you were really, really hungry before a meal? I bet you shoveled food into your mouth so fast you could hardly remember what you ate. Snack healthy - nuts, fruit, yogurt, etc. - and avoid bingeing at your next meal!

Myth #3: No desserts. Wow. I would DIE. Yes, skip the Snickers, but that doesn't mean you have to forego sweets altogether. Have fruit or some dark chocolate (yay, antioxidants!). Try frozen greek yogurt. Maybe you can even whip up one of the healthified desserts here at - just watch portion sizes! Don't deny desserts... or you'll find yourself curled up with a 5lb bag of Skittles by the end of the week.

Myth #4: Only eat diet foods. Ok, gross. Not only are diet foods plastic-tasting, they're not healthy - they're chock full of chemicals and artificial crap. Throw out those processed Lean Cuisines and eat natural - fresh fruits and veggies, complex carbs, and lean proteins. It's cheaper, healthier, and doesn't taste like you're eating your shoe.

Myth #5: No Fats Allowed! I know, I know - you think to get rid of fat you should avoid it altogether. Truth? Your body needs healthy fats to function properly, absorb nutrients, and keep your 'do looking shiny and full. Don't scarf down a bag of Doritos - get healthy fats from nuts, avocado, and olive oil.

Myth #6: Stop Eating Carbs. If you take my carbs away from me, I will probably karate chop you in the back of the head. Carbohydrates are essential to properly function, people. No, you should not eat white bread and scarf down white pasta every night. Yes, you should eat complex carbs like whole grains and sweet potatoes, in moderation. All-protein diets are dangerous in the long run - eat smart.

There you have it! For more information on forming healthy eating habits, check out our Food- Drink-Nutrition section, and try your hand at some of our healthified Recipes! Remember - make a healthy choice. For life!

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