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11 Things You Didn’t Realise Burn Calories

Feel the burn! Retrospectively!

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1. Washing the car


This is pretty obvious when you think about it, but we're betting that if you are actually washing the car, then you're probably thinking about nothing else but how much you hate washing the car.

2. Chatting on your phone (at home)

Because as everyone knows, it's impossible to just sit still when you're on the phone. You have to do the walk around the entire house.

Which could burn off 100 calories if you natter for at least 35 minutes.

3. Watching a scary movie

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As long as you're actually scared and not just pretending to be, a full 90 minutes of film-driven trauma can burn as many as 113 calories – almost a whole chocolate bar!

4. Shivering

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When the temperature drops, your body starts working harder to generate heat, burning calories along the way. In fact, shivering can burn around 100 calories every 15 minutes.

One to bear in mind the next time your better half forgets to pick you up from the station. :/

5. Window shopping

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This sounds a bit silly, until you realise the eternal struggle that is trying on pairs of jeans. Every outfit you try on burns 12 calories, while an hour of window shopping burns up to 200!

6. Banging your head against the wall

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Kids driving you literally crazy? A full hour's worth of head-wall-banging will burn off 150 calories and almost certainly give you a concussion.

So, in the grand scheme of things...not recommended.

7. Sliding into DMs


If you're particularly efficient at chirpsing on your phone, you can burn up to 100 calories in an hour.

8. Fidgeting

Watching someone restlessly fidget about is annoying enough, without knowing that they're potentially burning off 300 calories per day while they're at it.

It's the same process as shivering. The more you engage your muscles, the more energy you're expending.

9. Getting your Mary Berry on

Baking can be pretty intense! Especially if you've forgot to grease the pan properly and undermixed the batter. But things like kneading bread and beating eggs all count towards your calorie un-counting.

10. Queueing

United Artists / Via

Yes! Believe it or not, a solid half hour of standing in line at the customer service till will take off 47 calories. Never has indignation felt so marginally better.

11. Super-enthusiastic board-gaming

On its own, an hour's worth of play burns 105 calories. But this is before you factor in all the shouting and taunting, as you take Settlers of Catan FAR too seriously.

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