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11 Things You Didn’t Realise Burn Calories

Feel the burn! Retrospectively!

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2. Chatting on your phone (at home)

Because as everyone knows, it's impossible to just sit still when you're on the phone. You have to do the walk around the entire house.

Which could burn off 100 calories if you natter for at least 35 minutes.

4. Shivering

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When the temperature drops, your body starts working harder to generate heat, burning calories along the way. In fact, shivering can burn around 100 calories every 15 minutes.

One to bear in mind the next time your better half forgets to pick you up from the station. :/

8. Fidgeting

Watching someone restlessly fidget about is annoying enough, without knowing that they're potentially burning off 300 calories per day while they're at it.

It's the same process as shivering. The more you engage your muscles, the more energy you're expending.

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