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Week 2 Power Rankings: The Gang Plays Fantasy Football

Find out which Frank Reynolds quote describes your team below in this week's themed power rankings (and make sure to click on the pictures to see the clip each quote is from)!

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3. WSP McCarthy Outta My Cage

On his Packers

"Charlie, I want a list of the top ten shareholders of the company ASAP, and call the press. Put out a press release. Tell them The Warthog is back in business. Also, there are too many minorities and women working here. What's up with that?"



4. The Nial Nelsie-Hopkinses

On his recent tie that resulted in a loss

Frank: "You're very lucky that you're with somebody as resilient as Frank Reynolds."

Dee: "You've tried to off yourself two times in the last 24 hours, Frank!"



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