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Fire Flames VI Draft Grades/Preseason Power Rankings: Number 1 Will Shock You

What fresh hell is this? No ESPN draft grades or power rankings? This year, as you might have noticed, ESPN (who is owned by Disney, founded by THIS man) has recently removed their content arm. Here at Fire Flames we don't give up that easily, and as such, I have resorted to using Buzzfeed to present this year's power rankings. On the bright side, this will free me from the shackles of ESPN's oppressive character limit, as well as allow me to add images to posts. In the spirit of our new #content #medium, the theme for this year's preseason draft grades/power rankings is Relatable Millenial Gifs (sorry Kelly/Adam). Don't worry, I hate myself too.

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12. Team Eli/Julian For Commissioner (update your name bud!)

When Eli took the Vikings D/ST in the 9th round, Sam Bradford in the 12th round, Sebastian Janikowski in the 13th round, and Mark Sanchez in the 16th round

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