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This YouTuber Shut Down A Man Who Told Her To Stop Talking About WOC

The beauty vlogger recently celebrated 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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This is Jackie Aina, a beauty vlogger best known for her hilarious and informative beauty videos for women of colour.

Jackie Aina

She recently received a comment under one of her videos telling her to stop talking about race so much.

Jackie Aina

"Jackie I love you. But you need to stop talking about race, skin colour, and WOC issues on your channel so much... or else it will alienate and annoy white girl viewers," the commenter said. "And you need to reach the white girl audience if you want to go mainstream on YouTube... I can totally see you being the 'black Jackyn Hill', but you just need to make some improvements. No more race talk, please," he added.

Aina replied with a simple "No", and it was perfect.

Jackie Aina / YouTube

But what made the response even more satisfying is that she recently broke the 1 million subscribers mark on her YouTube page – joining the ranks of other channels with over a million subscribers such as Beauty Crush, ItsMyRayeRaye, and TheChicNatural.

Jackie Aina / Twitter

That means that over 1 million people love her just for being herself and not because she is trying to be the "black version" of anyone.

So proud of my fav @jackieaina! She reached a million by being unapologetically HERSELF and consistent. #realist

Aina received lots of support online.

I'm a "white girl viewer" & I live for @jackieaina boy bye

And many congratulated her on breaking 1 million subscribers.

I hope @jackieaina hitting 1M will encourage more black girls to join Yt. Don't listen to the chat "all black girls have a YouTube channel"πŸ™„

.@jackieaina just broke a million subscribers on YouTube and honestly she deserves 10 million more for how much she influences the game. πŸ˜πŸ’„

But most importantly, her achievement showed more recognition of beauty for women with darker skin tones and vloggers of colour on YouTube.

My good aunty @jackieaina got a million on youtube which means more collabs with brands, more recognition of darksk…

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Jackie Aina for comment.