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    20 Pigs Whose Fashion Is On Point

    Pigs on fleek from the Pigs Wearing Clothes Tumblr.

    1. This baby pig knows how to rock a cowboy hat and bandana.

    2. This pig's high leg pink wellies are everything, especially with the matching pink choker.

    3. And these red ones look gorgeous too.

    4. Pigs always know how to dress for the occasion.

    5. Like knowing how and when to rock a fancy top hat.

    6. This pig knows which shades to wear to flatter their features.

    7. This pig is not afraid to wear bold colours.

    8. Only a few can pull off the casual tank top look, and this pig is killing it.

    9. This pig knows how to rock florals.

    10. Not every pig can pull of the casual hoody look.

    11. Or pull off a bold red hat with a flower.

    12. This princess outfit is literally everything.

    13. And not every pig can pull off wearing goggles indoors without looking like a complete idiot.

    14. Or wear a silver helmet and still look incredible.

    15. This pig looks smashing in this sweater.

    16. Pigs know how to dress for the season.

    17. And their leg warmers are always on fleek.

    18. Pigs always look good, even when they're out for a swim.

    19. This pig is absolutely flawless, and it knows it.

    20. And that's fine, because we can all agree that pigs are the fashion icons of the world!