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The 25 Best Things About Being Short

Because sometimes the best things come in small packages.

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1. You can nap ANYWHERE.

Submitted by palomag4061b4036


6. You get to ignore 'CAUTION: low ceiling' signs.

Submitted by soniag4ec65fdfb


11. Your feet often never reach the ground when relaxing in a chair. (It means that you can pretend to not be an adult for that much longer, and tell yourself to swing away!)

Submitted by madisons4c9001496

12. You gain upper-body strength from climbing literally everything.

I have to do this all the time 😂 #ShortGirlProblems

Submitted by danieo3

14. Tall people let you go in front of them at concerts. So while your tall friends are at the back, you're getting an amazing view.

Thanks to A.J. & Shane I was able to see the wonderful @vancejoy sing riptide! YOU ARE AMAZING! #perksofbeingshort 💜

Submitted by Marielyn Antoinette Cobero, Facebook


19. With being short comes tiny feet and with tiny feet comes cheaper (kids) shoes.

Submitted by Alexis Donahue, Facebook.

20. Shirts and skirts can be dresses. If a maxi skirt is too long, just pull it up to make a maxi dress for half the price.

Sometimes I just buy guys tshirts and wear them as dresses #sorrynotsorry

Submitted by gabz1016

21. Commercial flying is a breeze, because leg room is never a problem.

The perks of having short legs is that you always have leg room on the plane 😁

Submitted by yellowjen


23. You're excellent at hide-and-seek.

Submitted by orissam2

24. Everyone loves to hug you, because you're the perfect size for cuddles.

Submitted by Camila Bolívar García, Facebook