Here Are The Best Jokes About Plastic Bags Now Costing 5p In England

    Retailers with more than 250 employees will have to charge shoppers at least 5p for a plastic carrier bag.

    From today shoppers in England will have to pay at least 5p for a plastic carrier bag in an attempt to reduce the 7.6 billion free plastic bags handed out every year.

    The 5p bag charge only applies to retailers with more than 250 employees, and smaller retailers are exempt.

    The news has caused quite a reaction this morning. Some of the newspapers predicted "chaos"...

    Hilariously hysterical front page story from the Daily Mail today. #plasticbagchaos

    ...while those on Twitter just made a series of jokes.

    Many believed the 5p bags marked the beginning of the end.

    To all of my friends about to embark on the great plastic bag chaos of 2015, I wish you good luck. #plasticbagchaos

    Helicopters circling above the capital captured the apocalyptic scenes.

    Live image from helicopter over Westminster. Send help! #plasticbagchaos

    Unsure how to cope with the extra cost on top of their weekly shop...

    Oh God no, no...NOOO!!, 5p per bag, That's going to add at least 20p to my shop, how will I cope? #carrierbags #plasticbagchaos #bagforlife

    ...despairing shoppers resorted to scrambling for the last free plastic bags in the country.

    Local park to rescue from #PLASTICBAGCHAOS it's mine all mine

    This is what happened to a customer who tried to leave Asda without paying for his plastic bags.

    It has begun 😂 #PlasticBagChaos #PlasticBagCharge

    The scenes outside a local Tesco were also distressing...

    Saw a gang clad entirely in plastic bags stealing a shopping trolley off an old lady then firebombing a tescos. #plasticbagchaos

    ...and conversations taking place inside the supermarket reflected the nation's confusion.

    "They'll charge you 5p for that, mate". "It doesn't count, it's an individually wrapped croissant". #PlasticBagChaos at Tesco this morning.

    Finding themselves in a state of desperation, some even considered buying their plastic bags on the black market for less than 5p.

    I have a load of plastic bags. 2p each if you're interested... #plasticbagchaos

    Vintage pre-bag tax creamy yellow Sainsbury's carrier bag for sale, in fairly good condition, yours for just 4p!

    Regardless of the chaos, some shoppers reacted in a level-headed manner.

    For example, many shared useful alternatives to using a plastic bag, like the inside of a shirt, a swimming cap, a seedless butternut squash...

    Plastic bag alternatives: - cardboard box - briefcase - inside shirt - swimming cap - butternut squash (seeds removed) #plasticbagchaos

    ...your mouth...

    Joke’s on them, they haven’t seen how much shopping I can fit in my mouth #plasticbagchaos

    ...or your entire body.

    While others shared advice on how to cope during this stressful time, like wearing a plastic bag around your wrist in case you forget you bags at home.

    England , we can do this. Forgetful? Why not wear a bag around your wrist as an attractive if cumbersome talking point? #plasticbagchaos

    Many believed it was probably best to stay indoors.

    Oh my god people, they were right. I just tried to leave the house and it's chaos out there! #plasticbagchaos

    It's safe to say that England will never be the same again.

    Unconfirmed rumours of families killing and hollowing out beloved pets to use as means of carrying food. Harrowing scenes. #plasticbagchaos

    bloodbath across Region 32, Jill already sent home vomiting, many weaker members of staff collapsing, ambulances everywhere #PlasticBagChaos