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    29 Photos That Will Make You Want An Octopus Tattoo Right Now

    Octopuses are beautiful.

    1. This gorgeous pastel octo skull.

    2. The stunning orange work of art.

    3. This black and white beauty.

    4. This breathtaking neck piece.

    5. This super cute design.

    6. This incredibly detailed side piece.

    7. This awesome stomach tattoo.

    8. This stunning blue and brown design.

    9. This gorgeous ruby piece.

    10. This incredible thigh tattoo.

    11. This magnificent beauty.

    12. This amazing side tattoo.

    13. This sensational design.

    14. This simple but stunning head tattoo.

    15. This marvellous design.

    16. This wonderful black and white leg tattoo.

    17. This painfully cute foot tattoo.

    18. This purple beauty.

    19. This magnificent black and white design.

    20. This pretty tattoo with gorgeous colours.

    21. This beautiful arm design.

    22. This incredible piece of art.

    23. This pink octopus with adorable eyes.

    24. This stunning black and white design.

    25. This spotted blue octopus design with flowers and a skull.

    26. This wonderful, brightly-coloured back piece.

    27. This amazingly detailed work of art.

    28. This shaded beauty.

    29. And this super cool and colourful octopus.