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    People Are Pissed Off At Music Week's 30-Under-30 "Future Of The Music Biz" List

    Responding to a backlash over a lack of diversity, its editor promised to "review and adjust the nomination and selection process" to ensure the issue is given "significantly more priority".

    On Monday, Music Week magazine announced its "30 Under 30" list and appeared to be excited about it...

    Who's excited to see who made our #30Under30 this year? Congratulations to everyone on the list!

    It profiles the industry’s "brightest young executives", according to Music Week's editor, Mark Sutherland.

    Nominees are drawn from people working across the music business industry and there are only two rules: You must be under 30 years of age and work in the UK music business.

    The winners are then chosen by Music Week's editorial team.

    But the reaction of some people was not as enthusiastic.

    literally looking at that @MusicWeek #30under30 list like

    People voiced their concerns on Twitter about the list's lack of diversity and questioned why, out of the 30 individuals, only two were people of colour.

    Did no one at @MusicWeek look at this cover and think, Hmmm, something's missing?

    Whiter than Daniels vans....@MusicWeek

    Dear @MusicWeek I know a lot people of colour under 30 that are also the future. You could include them.

    British rapper Mikill Pane, real name Justin Smith Uzomba, wrote a letter to Music Week's editor in which he described the list as "shockingly segregative".

    Here's the letter I sent the editor of Music Week. Still waiting for his response...

    Jolyon Rubinstein, a British actor and co-writer of BBC Three show The Revolution Will Be Televised, also shared his thoughts.

    Apparently the future of music is white... We need to talk @MusicWeek

    People also questioned why Jamal Edwards, the founder of online music and youth channel SBTV, who recently received an MBE for contributions to the industry, did not appear on the list.

    I don't even see Jamal Edwards. Delete this and start again @MusicWeek

    Sutherland told BuzzFeed News that Edwards had not been nominated this year, and could not be sure if the young mogul had been put forward in previous years.

    "The list is really designed for more up-and-coming executives, rather than those already occupying senior positions," he said.

    "Jamal has featured extensively in Music Week over the years, including taking our Big Interview slot last year."

    Following the negative reaction on social media, Sutherland published an opinion piece on Monday afternoon in which he suggested that nominees might reflect a wider lack of diversity within the music industry.

    "For those unfamiliar with the process, it might be helpful to point out that the '30 Under 30' selection process relies entirely upon nominations from within the music industry," he said.

    "The lack of diversity on the list may reflect a wider lack of diversity in the industry itself. It certainly reflects a relative lack of diversity in the nominations we received."

    In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Music Week accepted there should be greater diversity on the list, and promised to give it "significantly more priority" in future.

    "We fully accept that there should be greater diversity on the list," Sutherland said.

    "We will now review and adjust the nomination and selection process for this and other such lists, ensuring that diversity is given significantly more priority."