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19 Facts That Will Change The Way You Think About Life

You are actually really tiny.

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13. The diameter of the observable universe is estimated to be 93 billion light years. But the size of the entire universe is thought to be so gigantic that scientists are unable to put a number on it.

15. But there are still so many unanswered questions about life and humanity on Earth. For example, researchers still don't know exactly why humans dream.

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Some theories suggest that dreams evolved for psychological reasons. Others propose dreams to be unnecessary biological by-products. And some view dreams as mechanisms essential for emotional wellbeing.

16. No one knows exactly why humans produce tears of laughter, joy, and sorrow. There are many different types of tears, but emotional tearing is thought to be unique to humans.

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Although other animals shed tears, there has only been anecdotal evidence for emotional tearing in species other than human beings. Scientifically, since animals can't speak, it's difficult to tell whether an animal is crying emotionally, or simply producing tears for the purpose of lubrication, or due to irritation.


17. And even though time is such a significant part of life, no one can explain when it began or whether it will end. Some believe time is an illusion constructed by humans, and others believe that time existed long before humans recorded it.