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A Tiny Rescue Hedgehog With Fangs Has Become A Famous Instagram Model

His full name is Sir Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer, but you can call him Huff for short.

Meet Huff, a-three-year-old rescue African Pygmy hedgehog who has become a famous Instagram model because of his adorable protruding two front teeth.

He's already got more than 4,000 fans on Instagram and counting!

His full name is Sir Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer, but people call him Huff for short.

Huff was adopted by student Carolyn Parker after his previous owner returned him to the Quill Berry Hedgehogs pet breeder.

Parker, who lives in Utah, said that Huff is considered a rescue hedgehog because of the terrible environment at his previous residence :(

She started taking photographs of Huff to help her deal with seasonal depression.

"Living in Utah (where days in winter are short and cold), seasonal depression is something a lot of people deal with – including myself. I started the Instagram account to share something that made me happy with other people," she said.

At first Parker would share the photographs with friends and family on Facebook, but she created an Instagram account in February after being encouraged to show her photos to more people.

"My Facebook friends and family seemed to enjoy the pictures I was sharing on there, and a few people mentioned I should share the pictures with a bigger audience, so I did," she said.

Obviously people fell in love with him! Just look at his little face.

"I had no idea it would get as much attention as it has and I'm very thankful and excited," she added.

Parker is not a professional photographer but loves to take photos of her tiny hedgehog. "I have daydreams of pet photography just because I enjoy taking pictures of Huff," she said.

"All hedgehogs have little sharp teeth like Huff," Parker explained. "It seems his may be a little more pronounced, but for the most part I just try to get pictures that show off that cute feature."

Parker said that there has been an "overwhelming amount of excitement and love" for Huff. "People love his little fangs or smiling face," she said.

When he's not modelling, Parker said Huff enjoys snacking on wax worms, sleeping, and running on his wheel.

"[He also likes] cuddling in my old T-shirt, sleeping, and taking little trips with me to work, to friends' houses, or to the park. And did I mention sleeping?" she said.

Although Huff appears to "prickly and tough" on the outside, Parker said Huff has a "sweet and lovable" personality.

"I think that's why there is such a large fanbase for hedgehogs because people can relate to them," she added.

So how does Huff feel about the fame? "Huff seems rather indifferent about it all but I can tell he's excited... deep down," Parker said.