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    Biologists Are Tweeting Photos Of Animal Genitalia With The Hashtag #JunkOff


    Scientists on Twitter are trying to find the most impressive animal genitalia.


    It all started on Tuesday evening, when biologists from the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech tweeted photos of animals reproductive organs with the hashtag #JunkOff.

    Some were really tiny, like this peromyscus (deer mouse)...

    I don’t think this poor Peromyscus is going to win any #junkoff contests, but not too shabby for a lil' guy.

    ... and some were huge, like this harbor porpoise.

    Harbor porpoise junk. Photo from @MontereyBayWh #JunkOff

    And some animals looked really happy to get their junk out.

    @alyb_batgirl - here you go! A very full Desmodus with his junk out! #junkoff

    Some looked plain weird, like this crocodile's junk.

    Q. How does one examine crocodile genitals? A. Very, very, carefully. Saltwater crocodile by Rob Gandola #JunkOff

    And this python (yes, it has two).

    Burmese pythons appear to be able to do the YMCA dance with their man-tackle... #JunkOff Via

    And this dark shyshark, which has two claspers.

    Male sharks are double trouble, with two claspers. Dark shyshark from False Bay with its #junkoff #sharkscience.

    Or this whelk with an elegant-looking junk.

    This #JunkOff needs more inverts like this gorgeous #whelk proudly showing off what he got! ;)

    Another biologist shared a photo of a macaque, which has brightly coloured junk.

    A very angry alpha male Macaque on the Kinabatangan river, Borneo. Just before he threw a log on our boat. #junkoff

    And someone shared this photo of a kangaroo's drooping balls.

    Hanging your balls off a bungee cord while repeatedly leaping meters in the air. Adaptive? #junkoff

    Some junks were interesting shapes, like this black widow's, which is spiral-shaped.

    Black widows have corkscrew-shaped emboli - tips break off inside female's repro. tract #junkoff [photo @MikeHrabar]

    Others were surprisingly large.

    Can't have a #JunkOff without a duck penis! Snapped this beauty by accident and was far too proud of it. Still am!

    Eventually people got really excited and shared photos of animals that look like dicks...

    @AnneWHilbon How about an animal that basically just looks like a really big..... well, you know. #Junkoff #geoduck

    ... and even plants...

    So the Titan arum we're all getting excited about is Amorphophallus titanum, cuz it looks like...#JunkOff (wiki pic)

    ... and weird reproductive organs.

    Not genitals, but repro organs nonetheless.Scent glands help moths find mates #JunkOff via

    It's safe to say that this hashtag has definitely opened our eyes.

    I think we have all learned from #JunkOff is that what biologists do at work is in fact NSFW for many people