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Biologists Are Tweeting Photos Of Animal Booty With The Hashtag #WildBum

Wild Bum Awards 2016

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Biologists on Twitter are trying to find the most impressive animal butt.

Chipmunk, because #wildbum needs more rodents.

Gabriella, a 26-year-old biologist from the University of Edinburgh, told BuzzFeed News that it all started on Thursday evening with a photo of a musk duck bum.

.@Lee__Mc @AnneWHilborn Musk duck bum! I feel like this deserves a hashtag. #WildBum?

"It started innocently enough," she said. "[It] was born out of all of those photos where no matter how hard you try you end up with a blurry shot or a bum shot of the animal."

"For each decent photo there will be dozens, sometimes hundreds of misses - and a lot of them are bum shots."

Biologists started sharing their own pictures, and the #WildBum competition was born.

Some bums were magical looking, like this sea urchin's.

Of course, not all bums look alike...(Astropyga radiata) #wildbum @AmidstScience

Some bums were really big.

If we are doing this then zebra #wildbum is best #wildbum

Really big!

Not a shark, but definitely our best #wildbum photo!

And some were really small.

By far the cutest #wildbum I've seen, here's a baby sooty mangabey being enthusiastically groomed by his mother.

Other bums were hard to miss.

Who are you looking at?! Pronghorn does. #wildbum

Some animal bums were probably best to admire from a distance.

A #wildbum you DO NOT want to get close to...

But doesn't mean they were any less bootylicious, like the toned bum of this Sitatunga.

Sitatunga says: "Does my bum look big in this river?" #wildbum #animals

And this spiky Turtle backside.

.@TaskForceTurtle @AquaTurtlesRule Three can play at that game #wildbum #spikybum #teamturtle

Other bums were cute and fluffy.

This Marmot had a nice round one.

Ok, lets leave Oz #wildbum for a sec. How about a marmot one?

Some biologists couldn't wait to share their favourite animal bums...

Been waiting my entire Twitter life for #wildbum to come around! Marvellous female Mallard, uncommonly elegant.

Like the flamboyant backside of the red shafted northern flicker.

Here's my addition to #wildbum Red shafted Northern Flicker 😃

And the beautiful blue bum of this Steller's Jay.

Wait...what? #wildbum is a thing today? MY TIME HAS COME! Steller's Jay #becurious

The Antarctic fur seal pup has a cute and squidgy one.

An #Antarctic fur seal pup's #wildbum: all fur and flippers.

Thank you, biologists, for sharing such fabulous booty!

This hartebeest was proudly shaking his derriere #wildbum

Fiona Rutherford is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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