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    A Dad Who Delivered His Daughter At Home Caught The Special Moment On Camera

    Martin Boyce said he followed a series of steps that he had seen on TV shows about childbirth.

    A man managed to capture on camera the birth of his child after his fiancee went into labour early and gave birth at home.

    Martin Boyce, 35, had planned to document the birth at hospital, but ended up delivering his baby daughter, Belle, in his living room.

    Boyce told BuzzFeed News that his fiancee, Holly Dawson, 24, suddenly went into labour in the early hours of Sunday.

    "She woke me up at about 3:30am saying she thought it might have started, as she was in some discomfort," he said

    "So I jumped up started doing everything you would expect a partner to do, prepping the car, sorting the bags etc."

    The part-time photographer from Leicester said that he also called his and Dawson's parents, but by the time Dawson's mum arrived it was clear that the baby was well on the way, and they would have to deliver baby Belle themselves.

    Boyce said that he quickly brought the bags back from the car, grabbed his camera and started filming.

    "We then had a moment of realisation that baby was coming, the midwives weren't going to make it [in time]. So I moved to the back of Holly and assumed the catching position," he said.

    Boyce said that it was "terribly scary" knowing that he would have to deliver Belle.

    "There's nothing you can do but be there, and do what you can," he said.

    "The moment I knew it was going to be me who delivered her I focused and the anxiety left me for a moment. I knew what had to be done," Boyce added.

    Around 40 minutes later baby Isabelle Olivia Boyce arrived in the couple's living room.

    "In the end it was little more than a catch, as [the] baby did a neat forward roll into my hands... along with everything else," Boyce said.

    Boyce said he then followed a series of steps that he had seen on TV shows about childbirth.

    "I passed her up between Holly's legs, cleaned her face, and attempted to stimulate her skin a bit ... things I'd seen on TV shows like One Born Every Minute," he said.

    "After 10 long quiet seconds [the] baby let out a noise... and [there was] relief of the highest order."

    After sharing still from the video on his Facebook page, Boyce said that the reaction has been "overwhelming", with fathers and partners up and down the country sharing their experiences of "surprise births".

    "I've learned just how common it is for fathers and partners to unexpectedly deliver babies," he said.

    Belle, who was born weighing 7lbs 12oz, is "such a beautiful baby", the new dad said.

    "Mum and baby are absolutely brilliant," he added. "Holly is my hero and she has made me my very own little princess".